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Although this can be a great way for bidders to locate antiques and other unique items of interest for just a fraction of their cost. [25]

A storage unit auction can be a great way to locate antiques and other unique items of interest for just a fraction of their cost. [5]

Online self storage auctions are a great way to find antiques, collectibles, tools and other unique items of interest for just a fraction of their cost. [12]

if you don't know much about vintage and antique collectibles, it's worth your while to start browsing through antique stores to see what's for sale and how much it's selling for. [8]

#abandoned #gone #let

After a storage unit has been abandoned or gone into lien, self storage facilities may schedule an auction to clear out items. [21]

At Access Storage Now, self - storage units become available for auction in the state of Indiana if storage units are abandoned or left unpaid for a period of time. [4]

When a storage unit is abandoned, we often set up events called "storage auctions" to sell off all of the items sitting around in the unit. [11]

Our storage auctions are a win - win : They let us free up much - needed storage space for those who need it, and they let you bid on entire units 'worth of abandoned belongings. [11]

We get calls on a regular basis of storage facilities taking pictures of the defaulted units, and when the buyers get to the unit they are empty or half of the items are gone or things are missing. [15]

#states #self #country

Online Storage Auctions Choose a state, or browse the list below for details on our upcoming online storage auctions of abandoned storage units near you. [9]

You can always find auctions in your area from various storage companies, but our storage auctions are held in 13 different states across the U.S. [7]

CubeSmart Self Storage will provide as much advanced notice as possible of storage unit auctions across all facilities throughout the country so you can find auctions in your area as they occur. [5]

Now that Storage 'R' Us self - storage auctions are available online, you can benefit from a number of conveniences : You can see images of storage unit contents online and place well - informed bids. [29]

#treasures #finding #bit #hidden

There's no feeling quite like finding a good deal, and a storage auction is the best place to uncover hidden treasures. [28]

It can be pretty fun to watch people trying to outbid one another on abandoned storage units and finding unexpected treasures hidden away in them. [29]

This resell game of acquiring items through the auctioning of abandoned storage units is a bit of a treasure hunt and as a buyer you must also have a bit of a riverboat gambler mentality! [19]

But for every tale of hidden treasure, there are hundreds of tales of woe : junky silverware, worthless documents, battered furniture, and broken bicycles. [8]

#Wars #TV #Hunters #bills

Barry'd Treasure 9; Container Wars 15; Storage Hunters 3; Storage Hunters UK 10; Storage Wars 55; Storage Wars Canada 18; Storage Wars New York 26; Storage Wars Texas 17; Storage Auctions 101 60; Submitted Articles 4 ... is the leading storage auction listing website in United States. [9]

Storage Wars fans can star in their very own, off - camera version of the show by attending a storage auction at All Storage. [6]

When the TV show "Storage Wars" aired, self - storage auctions started get- ting some publicity and now the general public finally knows storage unit auctions are an actual thing. [27]

Storage Wars was billed as "reality TV ", but I have a hard time believing that they found really excellent stuff in every single unit as portrayed. [19]

#prices #mind #increases

Keep in mind that storage facilities in smaller towns will likely have lower attendance, which increases your chance of winning a unit with a small bid. [8]

The reason for this has more to do with what's visible inside of the unit than individuals driving up bid prices, but be aware that in a crowd of new storage auction attendees, it can be easy for prices to increase quickly when easily recognizable items are in view. [21]

An interesting fact is that the smaller units often sell for more than the bigger units because some buyers can only handle the material that is stored in a smaller unit. [19]

Keep in mind that smaller units are often more appealing to bidders because they're easier to process and clean, so bidding might be higher on these units even though there are fewer items in them. [8]

#pay #rent #renter #tenant

To free up the unit so we can rent to a new tenant who is in need of the unit and will pay rent on time. [14]

Before selling the unit, facility owners must contact the renter to give them the opportunity to pay back rent and reclaim their property. [9]

Storage Treasures has revolutionized the way in which the contents of self- storage units are marketed and publicly auctioned after the tenant has failed to pay rent. [27]

By law, if a storage tenant stops paying for a unit, the facility must auction off the items inside to help cover the amount due. [23]

Storage owners will also lock the renter out of the unit so they can't take their stuff out without paying the past due amount. [23]

#hours #facility #time #month

As the winner, you have 72 hours to come by the storage facility during regular office hours and collect your new belongings. [25]

You'll need to plan on going to to the facility to clean out the unit within 48 - 72 hours, or whatever specific time frame the facility requires (yep, even the stuff you don't want is your responsibility ). [24]

If you are bidding on a unit that you know you won't be able to get to within the set period of time, the facility may let you rent that unit on a month - to - month basis until you're able to empty it. [24]

Depending on the size of the unit and the amount of contents inside, we give you 48 - 72 hours to come by the storage facility during regular office hours and collect your new belongings ( exceptions are granted with permission of the facility manager ). [11]

#customers #listings

Storage Auctions in Illinois, IL Current information about storage auction solutions and storage auction listings in addition to our list of public storage locker auction locations near IL. [9]

Our subscribers are offered the most updated storage unit auction listings using the largest database of storage auctions across the country. [9]

We strive to deliver our customers the best storage auction experience through our outstanding customer service, both during the auction and after the storage unit has been sold. [4]

Our storage auction list provides you with the name, address & phone number of the storage facility, the time and date of the storage auction and the number of units scheduled for public sale. [2]

With this partnership, Access Storage can provide our customers with full - range online auction schedules and exposure to the world's largest self storage auction audience available. [4]


One of the best ways to get started with storage auction bidding is to go to several auctions not to bid but rather to watch and learn. [8]

Here's how it works : you'll start at one storage unit and every 15 minutes the auctioneer will begin bidding on a new one. [6]

For newcomers thinking about bidding on auctions for extra income, a good place to start is to attend and observe a couple of auctions before throwing out an opening bid. [23]

First - timers should steer clear of a bidding war, as this will drive up the price of the unit substantially. [7]

You will be required to create an account in order to bid, so if you see a live auction that you're interested in, fill out the necessary info and get started. [24]

#cleaning #winning #deposit

When you win an auction, you'll be responsible to pay the winning bid amount on the spot (usually $ 1 - 500 for me ), plus the $ 100 - 200 cleaning deposit. [19]

Each winner generally provides a cleaning deposit, which can range from $ 50 to $ 100, when he pays for his winnings. [18]

Space is important because if you buy a 10 foot x 20 foot unit that is packed from the floor to the ceiling with stuff, you are responsible to clean it all out to get your $ 100 or $ 200 cleaning deposit back. [19]

If there is one thing from TV that may be accurate, it's that winning bids on self storage units can vary from less than $ 100 to nearly $ 1,000. [21]

#facility #day #signing

That could mean signing up online, signing up at the facility itself prior to the day of the auction, or sometimes signing up at the facility on the day of the event. [21]

You can place bids on self - storage units from the comfort of your own home -- regardless of the weather or driving conditions that day! [29]

On auction day, you don't have to worry about rushing to the self - storage facility location early in the morning or the hassle of signaling auctioneers when you want to bid. [29]

Bid anytime, anywhere regardless of the weather Whether you are a regular buyer or new to the market, our bidding platform is second to none. [13]

Ahead of arriving at the storage auction, the storage facility in charge will most likely require you to pre - register to take part in the day's event. [21]

#sell #money

Making money with storage unit auctions is hard work, and if you're not careful, you can lose a lot of money and get stuck with a lot of junk. [8]

The secret to earning money with storage unit auctions is knowing how and where to resell the everyday items that, at first glance, don't look like they're worth much. [8]

As I got bigger and better at selling all of this material, I ramped up to two per month and have now bought and cleaned out over 100 + storage units. [19]

Although I was making great money flipping items from yard sales ( usually $ 200 - 500 profit ), I realized I needed to find more material to sell. [19]

I shared with the kids garage sales and selling things around the house on eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist were a great way to make some money! [19]

#bidders #allowed

Since auction bidders are only allowed to view the contents of a unit from the outside ( remember, they are not allowed to touch anything ) they can see exactly what the scammers want them to see and nothing else. [15]

All too often, new bidders get caught up in the bidding process and end up winning a unit before they 've even thought about what they'll do with its contents. [8]

Scammers know exactly what auction bidders are looking for and they stage their units to give the illusion of hidden value. [15]

Before a unit goes to auction, Big Tex will make every effort to communicate with unit owner and resolve any issues. [20]

That said, throwing out a much higher bid isn't always a power play; the bidder might be trying to secure the unit based on what they think they can make for it. [8]

#days #wait #close #photos

Some supervisors find it easier to wait approximately five to 10 days before the auction starts to go back to the facility to get the additional photos they need. [27]

Therefore, the closer you wait to the auction date to take the photos, the fewer units you will need to photograph. [27]

Instead of waiting several days for online auctions to run, and then potentially another 24 to 48 hours for the highest bidder to come in and pay ( unless they pay online ); in - person auctions are all over in one day. [27]

The week before the auction starts is a great spot in the timeline to take the additional photos and upload them to the auction site because there are a lot of tenants who pay between lock cut and auction. [27]

#return #birth #certificates

At the start of the auction everyone is reminded to return to the storage facility office any valuables like cremation ashes, birth certificates, and family photos. [19]

These are items that you should return to the storage facility, who will then try to return these personal items to the family of the previous renter. [8]

If you discover any personal items such as birth certificates, social security cards or cremains ( yep, it happens ), contact All Storage about getting these to the right person. [6]

The buyer must return personal items, such as photos, legal documents, tax records, and identification to the facility so that they can be returned to the previous tenant. [21]

Imagine the unit you win has a box of photographs, old birth certificates, love letters, and an urn full of ashes. [8]

#disposal #sorting

You're responsible for disposing of any items in a unit you win, and this means going to the city or county dumpster yourself. [8]

This will give you a chance to get into the process of moving, storing, sorting, and reselling items without becoming too overwhelmed. [8]

If you plan to start sorting through items immediately after you win, make sure you have everything you need to do this. [8]

In the event of your win, you'll need to make the necessary arrangements to pick - up your items and pay for your unit. [28]

That can take a considerable amount of time, which is why you should have a list of places where you can sell or dispose of items. [8]

You have to be able to move the stuff and have a place to process it to figure out a resale or disposal plan for each item. [19]

#photos #contents #seal

A selection of photos : Each listing will include a photo of the storage unit or perhaps even a few depending on the contents of the unit. [28]

Most storage units range from a small 5X5 unit all the way up to a large 10X30 unit, which has enough space to store the contents of your entire home. [0]

#bidder #information

After the auction is published, bidders can bid on the auction once they have created their account and added their billing information. [17]

During the auction, bidders will place bids off and on until the auction ends and a winner is awarded the unit. [28]

When the auction ends, the auction site will notify you as well as the highest bidder with all of the pertinent information on the sale. [27]

Once you 've won your auction, and email with your invoice and the storage property's contact information will be sent to you. [22]

Buyers would then have to show up to the facility and follow the auctioneer to each individual unit up for auction and bid. [10]

If a winner does fail to pay, the online - auction company will contact the second - highest bidder and offer him the merchandise at his last bid amount. [18]

#removed #deposit #close #business

After buying a unit, you often have until the close of business the next day to clear out a unit, Jones said. [23]

You may then be given, as directed by the Seller, until close of business the next day to remove all the contents of the unit you won. [16]

High bidders on units are required to pay an additional clean up deposit of $ 100.00 ( cash only ) until all items in the unit are removed from the premises. [3]

If all of the items are removed and the unit is left clean, the deposit will be refunded at the time of the move out. [3]

When you do so, we require you leave a $ 100 deposit, which you'll get back once it's seen that you 've removed all of the contents from the unit. [11]

#operators #reason #holding #evictions #addition

Operators have another reason to hold off on auctions : many states have passed eviction moratoriums, which may or may not apply to storage auctions. [1]

Robert Chiti, CEO of Open Tech Alliance, which operates, said one reason he thinks operators have reduced auctions is to avoid social media backlash. [1]

In addition to the leading REITs like Public Storage and Extra Space Storage, operators across the industry have held off on holding auctions for a number of reasons including the public safety hazard of holding in person auctions or a desire to avoid bad publicity. [1]

In addition to overseeing the audit process for the entire organization ( 32 stores and growing ), she provides support to the management team regarding auctions, process improvements and general day - to - day operations. [27]
































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